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a mad raccoon referencing spiritual health The concept of Spiritual Health has not been lost on me, this past week, as I’ve lain in my bed coughing and wheezing, with throat on fire. It didn’t take any real puzzling over what might have brought this on. In fact, that’s not where my thoughts generally go. If you’re sick, you’re sick. Let’s leave it at that. But this time, the obvious was staring me right in my puffy-eyed, red-nosed face! I was having a spiritual crisis.

Sometimes our security is threatened. I think none of us is immune to the experience. It could be our emotional security, our physical or our financial security. And when we feel threatened, weird behaviour rises up, surprising even ourselves. Just look at the lazy, lumbering racoon… harmless, until he’s backed into a corner. Then, look out! Teeth bared, claws extended, those cute little rascals turn into dangerous, hissing, growling balls of fury! We are not so different. Maybe I should say, I am not so different.

When I find myself in that state of response to perceived, impending danger, I am taken aback. Really, I say to myself, I thought you were all about trusting the energy and staying centred! What happened?

What happened was, I got confused, thinking that my version of security (for me), was what I needed to support and protect. As I saw that version potentially slipping away, I started down a dark tunnel, where suspicion and worry cast long shadows and self-doubt reigns supreme. Ultimately I got sick. Hmmm, think there’s a link here to Spiritual Health?

Spiritual Health, The Gospel of Doubt

I came across this TED talk, titled: the Gospel of Doubt and truly appreciate this man’s experience and perception.
I think Spiritual Health can be nurtured by doubt, rather than threatened by it. I’m guessing, if we embrace doubt as a tool, offered to keep us open and receptive to the gifts intended for us (not by us), we won’t get lost in our personally developed value systems and miss those things that the greater forces have in store for us. Oh sigh! Some days it’s just so much work staying open to the universe!


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