Tapestry, Determining Frequencies

My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue

An everlasting vision of the ever changing view

A wondrous woven magic in bits of blue and gold

A tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold – Carole King

TapestryWhat a beautiful perspective on a personal journey. Sometimes I think that, when we die, we will get the chance to look upon our own tapestry and see all the beautiful colours and textures weaving in, out and around each other. We’ll smile lovingly and say, “oh, that’s when I won the swim meet”, “that’s when John broke my heart”, “that’s when I met you!” and so on. Sometimes even now, I catch the occasional glimpse of one thread entwined with another, branching off only to return again. In my tapestry are bright colours, wild patterns, dark patches, soft stretches, tight knots and slipped threads. It is a beautiful work of art, still in creation. But it is the threads that have my attention right now. Another name for these threads could be energetic paths or frequencies (again!). The more conscious I become of these individual threads, the more in awe I am at the constancy of them .

People who love mathematics say that numbers are a beautiful thing. They are 100% reliable and predictable as they multiply, divide and form ratios. You can trust numbers. Well, I’ve never had much of a head for numbers, but I get it! Energy is the same way… reliable, 100% trustworthy.

Frequencies and Energetic Paths

So here we are, back at frequencies. I don’t believe in good or bad frequencies. They just are what they are and draw to them what they will. I do know, however, that frequencies are adjustable and that’s really what WooWoo is all about. I have been so gifted to meet mentors and friends, over the years, who worked diligently in this field. I meet them, I engage with them, learn and move on. What amazes me, as I gain a larger perspective of my tapestry, is this: when I actually do ‘up the frequency’, when I turn my energies toward that particular beam of light, those very people reappear on my stage. I wasn’t looking for them to appear. I wasn’t thinking of them and honing my energies to attract them. No. I just happened to hit a frequency that resonated with theirs and voila! That’s what’s got me so excited! The absoluteness of energy… the irrefutable reliability of it. Knowing that and knowing that we have the power to determine these frequencies is a beautiful thing.

So what will you weave today? What colour might you introduce to your tapestry? I’m liking the sound of pure gold!

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  1. Hooray for weaving with energy! Today is screaming yellow zonker green in Seattle, WA. Spring, bumble bees, all the trees in bloom, leaf or catkin. Irresistible day to paint outdoors. A day to field frequencies and to generate our own frequency. Love WOO WOO! Thank you Nancy!

  2. well wow … I have read and re read this several times … I’ll share on my fb PAGE… … it is just so in tune with my point of view(s) … smile

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