The Attunement Process

the attunement processThere are countless methods and schools of thought on Healing Hands. From Laying On of Hands to Reiki, Acupuncture to Massage, Reflexology to Attunement, people have found their way to the method that works best for them, either as a practitioner or as a recipient. It is our goal to include many of these in this blog and have them articled by those who have dedicated themselves to  that particular approach. In my view, healing is  a vastly different result than curing. Curing can stabilize things or sometimes even fix a situation  (bear in mind the bubonic plague is still present today, though held in check for now). Healing is about raising the vibration in the energy field so that certain conditions cannot exist. In the process, one may be set free within their circumstance, if not immediately from it. Let’s start with:

The Attunement Process Explained

Attunement is a process, it is a technique and it is a lifestyle. It is based on the premise that within each of us is the inherent ability to heal ourselves and to assist others to heal themselves, by reminding them of who they really are. In this process, greater harmony physically, mentally and emotionally is experienced.. Attunement recognizes that we are not isolated individuals living our little lives apart from everybody else. There is the recognition that we are all connected energetically and what one does affects everything and everybody else. A person’s commitment to this lifestyle and this process of thought and action will determine how deep their experience takes them. It is not something you can fake and it is most definitely something you can feel. Some say it feels like HOME.  So, while there is much to learn in this field of energy work, the first and most important thing is to actually BECOME an attunement and embody that essence of home.(which, in fact, is the whole point of this blog!)

In technique, the Attunement Process is a non-touch approach that works with the body’s endocrine system, chakra system and skeletal structure. It also provides means to work with specific organs, body parts, injuries, emotional crisis and more…post-operative care, palliative care… the list goes on. We plan to give you as much information as possible on this particular modality and we will start with a look at the Endocrine System.


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