The Big Attunement

picture of a flower growing out of a crack in cement referencing the big attunement living in harmony with the earthWow, New Hampshire! It’s a whole ‘nother world to the one I live in. Just this week, m y husband and I drove there, via beautiful Vermont, to participate  in a two day Attunement gathering. The BIG ATTUNEMENT began at the Thousand Islands border crossing and continued on through the week. The scenery was breathtaking… all that water, all those trees and I kid you not, we saw cows! Where were all the cars? Oh there were a few, here and there. Can you believe?… they use the passing lane for passing! My shoulders, used to riding up around my ears, when I’m driving, were blissfully relaxed and resting right where they were designed to be. All this to say; the VIBE was incredible. The earth still has a say in New Hampshire and that is a mighty powerful thing.

The Big Attunement, Living in Harmony with the Earth

Andrew and Peri live in a NH homestead that is older than Canada. Sixty-five unspoiled acres of mountain woodland, surrounded, by thousands more unspoiled acres of mountain woodland. Beauty within beauty. These two, our very dear friends, hosted us there, in their home, and I’m not so sure they realized how far we had actually come to be with them (like from another planet!). And I will tell you now, for the very first time in my life, it occurred to me that this dense, tense, heaving population that I live in, is not the healthiest of situations, not exactly a nurturing environment, not developing in harmony with the earth.

We could all lament about the state of affairs here. Yet, here we are moving with the masses through shopping malls, grocery lines and crawl-to-a-stop highways. I might want to consider a more idyllic setting, at some point, but for right now (and now is all there is), I’ve chosen to be a part of this. I am consciously choosing AND consciously being here. My meditations, my lifestyle, my diligent attention to detail in thought and energy were initially all about me. But really, nothing is all about me or all about you because we are all connected; those of us here in the urban sprawl and those of us tending to the horses in the green, green hills of New Hampshire… we are connected. We  who have chosen to live in Attunement with spirit may have a deeper sense of that connection and a more rewarding experience of it. That’s the beauty of energy; there are no boundaries, no limits.

So, when the sun comes out and greenery begins to fill the cracks in the concrete and the grey, I hustle out to my little patch of lawn and pull dandelions. I lovingly tend the flower beds, sprinkle grass seed over winter-weary patches and carefully place geraniums and daisies in their new summer home. My hands get very dirty and my heart very full. I have gone back to the land, right here and the distance between me and New Hampshire is that much shorter. Then, when I make a trip, such as this, to gather with like-minded people, in the name of Attunement, all my efforts are magnified, intensified and joined into a much larger field. Many of these people, I have never met before. Really? No, there is much more to it than that! But then, there always is.


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