The Endocrine System

endocrine systemThe endocrine system is a series of ductless glands that are responsible for overall hormonal balance in the body. It is highly affected, both  negatively and positively, by a person’s mental and emotional state.

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Let’s take a look at some technique. An Attunement begins with cupping the hands over the cervical vertebra, at the top of the spine, where atlas and axis meet. By holding this position, without actual physical connection, an energetic field is  established. This is a palpable occurrence, often felt as a gentle pressure or heat that is softly nudging the body toward a state of balance. It is also a physiological occurrence. But remember what we’ve said about the consciousness of the practitioner. Consciousness and technique work together for optimum results. One does not merely administer the technique, but  opens up to the highest outcome that the spirit of their client would have.

Once there is a sensing, on the part of the practitioner, that balance has been achieved at the cervical, the endocrine system is incorporated in much the same fashion. While the dominant hand hovers over each gland, in turn, the less dominant hand holds steady over a receiving (or negative) contact point on the body. This, most ideally, would be a joint; knee, elbow, shoulder or at the cervical point.  Energy work is always about flow. Much like electricity; in establishing a positive and negative position, one can sense a flow. That perception may manifest as a pressure or a warm tingling in the hands. The practitioner holds steady until the sensation is equal in each hand, never nurturing any thought that what is being felt is good or bad. It is just an energy flow that can be assisted into a state of balance. When this is accomplished, the practitioner can move on to the next endocrine gland. It is very important that the practitioner finds a comfortable position to work from. After all, we are talking about a shared energy, here. If you’re reach is straining your endurance, you’re not going to be of much value to the one you are there to assist.

The endocrine system was the first body system to be used in the practice of Attunement and was the only system used for many years. The endocrines are excellent access points for establishing a sense of relaxation and well-being. However, staying locked into one approach is not the Attunement way and consequently, other techniques continue to emerge, including the chakra and skeletal systems.

The Endocrine System Glands

Diagram of the endocrine system and we're each gland is located in the bodyThe endocrine glands, in order of attendance are as follows:

The Pineal Gland: is situated at the top and centre of the head, just back of the “soft spot” and cupped between the two halves of the brain. It is approximately the size of a walnut. This gland is considered the Master Gland of the body and, in attunement, serves as a point for connection between the visible and invisible.

The Pituitary Gland: is located between the eyebrows (often seen as the location of the “third eye”). This gland often offers assistance to the other glands that may be deficient in the hormones they provide.

The Thyroid: sits on either side of the lower part of the larynx and is responsible for producing thyroxin. It has effect on body weight, responsible for stepping up or down, our metabolism. Hyperthyroidism revs us up, hypothyroidism slows us down.

The Thymus: just behind the notch at the top of the breastbone. This gland plays a major role in assisting the body’s immune system providing a vital role in the final maturing of the T- lymphocytes, which are key to the body fighting infection and other illnesses.

The Islets of Langerhans: at the tail of the pancreas, situated on the left hand side of the body just at the bottom edge of the rib cage. Responsible for insulin production in the body, regulating blood sugar levels.  An imbalance with this gland can result in diabetes and affects the body’s overall energy.

The Adrenals: sit like little hats on top of the kidneys almost in direct alignment with the islets of Langerhans and are situated on either side of the vertical midline of the body. These play a specific role in our “fight or flight” energy. When an increase of adrenaline occurs, the heart rate increases, preparing the body for a greater level of activity, almost instantly. Too much adrenaline can challenge both digestion and heart. It is often this point within the body that those engaged in meditation focus upon.

 The Gonads: These glands are concerned with procreation. They also affect our passionate creative energy in various fields of endeavour.


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