The Power of a Dream

A still of the Budweiser Donkey - he wants to be a clydesdaleHey, my friends, this little piece was just too darned cute to pass up. But let’s be very clear… I am not selling beer! There are no financial arrangements with the Budweiser company. But come on! I know it’s going to make you smile:) Enjoy.

I dare you not to smile at this.

Sometimes you’ve just got to enjoy the simple beauty that’s right in front of you. No deep thinking required, no introspection, no pontification … just pure joy. That’s what our animals bring..for free…no strings attached. Go on, have a grin.


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  1. I’ve watched this 3 times and it brings a huge smile to my face and a tiny tear. What a lovely, inspiring story.

    You are right on, Nancy, about the animal kingdom and the joy they bring to us. I can’t imagine a planet with just humans inhabiting it. Shudder!

    Our 4 legged friends (sometimes 3 legged, like my cat) ask nothing more of us but to love them, care for them, be kind, have fun and laugh at their antics!

  2. So this is like, have a smile (and maybe a beer!)? I’ve got a thing for the Clydesdales myself… and could totally relate to the Donkey (love his hair extensions)! Darned cute… thanks for posting (whether you’re a stockholder or not!) 🙂

  3. YAY for the underdog…. it is a happy day when my inner Ass finishes first!!

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