Third Chakra Part 2

A WooWoo story for you…

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two young girls hanging upside down in a tree reference seen the third chakra part twoCameron was my best friend, at around eleven and twelve years of age. We were fearless tomboys; climbing trees to the highest heights, riding our bikes at breakneck speeds and shooting hoops in the driveway. We shared sleepovers, rides to school and, as we matured, taught each other to dance . With the simple shifting of time and different choices made, we gradually and naturally drifted apart. Over the years I’d run into her and we always had a smile for one another, comfortable with “that was then and this is now”.

One day, MANY years and a couple of lifetimes later, an old friend, from back in the day, telephoned. For some reason, she wanted me to know that Cameron had gone missing. I received the information, but what could I do? I didn’t dwell on it. Days went by and I carried on with my own concerns. And then, the oddest thing… a woowoo moment to be sure; in mid-conversation with a co-worker, a random thought crossed my mind. Here we were talking (on the outside) about work issues and projects we were creating, while (on the inside) I was calmly planning a jump, right into the path of an oncoming train. Well I wasn’t planning the jump, but somebody was! I’d learned enough, by that time, to tell my husband, “I think somebody we know is planning suicide.” I wasn’t swift enough to connect Cameron’s disappearance with the random thought. I just knew it wasn’t mine.

Third Chakra – Random Thoughts

Well, you’ve probably guessed; shortly thereafter, another call came. They’d found Cameron’s body. She had jumped in front of a train in the subway. Sad news like this is difficult to digest. STILL, I did not immediately, connect the dots! When I did, I wondered if I could have stopped it. What’s the point in “receiving” a scene like this, if there’s not something you can do to help. In the movies, the psychic would have tipped the police and Cameron would have been swept from the clutches of disaster in the eleventh hour. But I got the message and DID NOTHING!

Since that day, I’ve come to understand and appreciate (at least to some degree), the purpose of these random thoughts and the appropriate course of action to follow. The third chakra, that beautiful yellow centre of our core, receives information all the time. It also is a point for focused radiation, outward. Just as the chakras are invisible, so do we operate on unseen levels. Unlike the movies, mine was not to alter my old friend’s path, on this physical plane, but to offer support to her spirit, on another plane. I am learning to relax with that.

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  1. Well said Mon ami….you were and are not alone in that experience!

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