Transformation, The Face of Association

two dogs sniffing each other's noses referencing transformationMy neighbourhood has totally gone to the dogs. With our fabulous walking trails, through wood, marsh and park, doggie friends are in abundance. A single morning walk can involve several stops for meet and greet (or smell and tell) and it is through our dogs that several of us have met and developed great friendships. I always feel so darned blessed by the number of friendly and familiar faces that are there to brighten my day. But …. there used to be two women that I did my best to avoid. I’d say to my dog, “this way Blue, hurry! We can’t run into those two. They’ll just want to talk about cancer.”, and we’d deek down another path.

It wasn’t really two of them. It was just the one; cute, perky and chatty Terry. Cute, but morbid. She seemed obsessed with cancer; who has it, how awful, who might have it, who’s likely going to get it, new strains, etc. I wanted to cover my ears and sing la, la, la, la!  There is a vast difference between healthy awareness and perpetual concern.

Her friend and ever present side-kick, Jenny, was always very quiet, with a pinched and dour expression. I would look at her face and think,” how unfortunate for her to be so unattractive.” Then one day, Terry dropped out of the doggie scene and I was only running into Jenny, on her own. When I asked Jenny what had become of Terry she said, “Oh, she turned fifty, last month, and says she’s old now… too old to walk the trails.” Wow, okay then, a little less drama for Blue and me!

Transformation, What a Difference

But it’s Jenny I want to tell you about. This woman just kept getting prettier each time I saw her; lighter, brighter and friendlier. We only spoke of “Terry the Terrible” one more time and that was when Jenny told me how much better she was feeling, free of Terry’s doom and gloom.

Well, Jenny’s dog and mine crossed paths, just yesterday, giving the two of us a moment to shoot the breeze. Taking in her face, as she merrily chirped away,  I thought, “what a nice face.” Had I witnessed a transformation or had the mist that surrounded Terry been distorting the view? Does it matter?

Who knows why we choose the friends we do? Good, bad, right, wrong; it’s never that simple. My motto?


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