Trusting Your Perceptions

a man in a suit with his fingers crossed behind his back referencing trusting your perceptionsTRUST. Oooooo, that’s a biggie! Who hasn’t been let down in that department? From the kids down the street who suckered you into stealing an apple, only to run and squeal to your mom (thanks, Andy!), to the date who stood you up, to the lover who cheated, to the TV commercial that lied, to the politician who absolutely did not follow through on his promise … we are a society rife with “trust issues”.

Just when you think you’ve found somebody you can rely on, BAM!, they disappoint you. Am I right? So who, pray tell, can you trust these days? I’ve come to the conclusion there is really only one person you need to trust and once that is solid,  you can never be let down again. It’s you, yourself, the one in the mirror. Sounds a lot like taking responsibility doesn’t it? Ah but, once again, it is a liberating perspective. It all comes down to you, trusting your perceptions and trusting your ability to handle a left curve. In fact, that left curve can just as easily be seen as an opportunity as it can a devastating betrayal.

Perceptions: Creating Your Own Reality

It is so easy to blame the liars and the cheats. “How could we know? We’re just innocent victims!”  But, if we are truly going to create our own reality, we have to be prepared to accept responsibility for it all. As we hone our perceptions, we are less likely to be taken in by deception and we become much more adept at finding the creative path, when we are.

Hey, we all make mistakes. Go easy on yourself. The next time you feel betrayed, bring it back to yourself. It’s not about blame and shame. It is about taking a moment to see, “hmmm, look what I just created. It must be for a very good reason. Where shall I go next, with this experience?”

I used to feel safe in the presence of certain other people. One day, I made a giant leap. I was travelling, on new and challenging turf. In a moment of trepidation, the light came on and I knew everything would be okay because I was there. That’s trust.

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