Visioning, Create your Own Reality

a luxury yacht in reference to visioning There was a big craze, a few years ago; vision boards. It seemed you couldn’t open a magazine without finding pages torn out,  pictures missing from articles and words snipped from headlines… FREE!, WEALTH!, BEAUTIFUL!! Meanwhile, avid visionaries were plastering clippings of yachts, mansions, fast cars and exotic locales onto colorful sheets of Bristol board, committing to their futures, as it were. Okay, I’ll admit it… I did one or two, but not without having my arm twisted! Still, no yacht and no mansion for me (sigh).

But don’t get me wrong. I absolutely do believe in the power of visioning. I’ve employed the power of “you create your own reality” my whole life, just not with vision boards. I write. I have always written.

Visioning, Co-create with Spirit

Do you know those cycles of discontent that periodically descend upon us? Everything is going just fine, with no big worries or complaints. Yet this nagging restlessness grabs hold, urging us forward and demanding something different from us. What IS that? Could it be our larger self, telling us it’s time to move on? That is when I grab a pen and paper (the old fashioned way) and begin to write. My spirit demands honesty and while completely accepting of a high reach, it will not tolerate frivolous self-indulgence. (thus no yacht!) This doesn’t mean the yacht isn’t right for somebody else. Obviously it is. It’s just not a priority for my spirit (as yet).

I have written adventures into being, all over the world. I have written relationships into being. I even wrote a home into being, right down to the lanterns in the driveway and the waterfall that tumbled into the pond. Somebody else’s pictures don’t work for me. They have to be my own. Which begs me to ask the question; Am I creating my future or is my future creating me? Hmmm, heady stuff, even for WooWoo. Maybe it doesn’t matter. All I know is that it works. It has always proven out. For now, I’m content knowing that, as a mortal being, I can co-create with my spiritual self.

So start with a question: What do you want? What do you really want? Then keep asking until you get an answer. You do create your own reality. That’s visioning. How’s that working for you?

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  1. Hi Girl Friend,
    Yes I write and paint and journal my way into the future. I talk to my best friend and sometimes discover what I want. The longing of the spirit to express in a certain way makes itself felt if we honor it. We honor it by taking small conscious steps in the right direction each day. I believe that trusting ourselves to have the right impulses for our own highest and best is the key. Once self doubt is removed, then we move with a clear heart and mind.

    • Exactly! And your art work is so beautiful!! What does that say about you? Hmmm! Great to hear from you, Cheryl. I love having you share in GoneWooWoo 🙂

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