We Are Energetic Beings

Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke of insightWhen I first heard this amazing woman speak, I felt like celebrating.  I’d found the perfect spokesperson for my perception, my experience of Life. I immediately sent a link to my sister; “this is what I mean! Don’t you think she’s fabulous?” I was gushing. And then I was crushed when my sister said “seems like a bit of a flake to me.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

We are All Energetic Beings

Mind you, I wasn’t crushed that she might think I too am a flake. No, it saddened me that she didn’t get it. If I could gift wrap this knowledge and bestow it upon those I love, I surely would. But we are talking about awareness here. After all, we are all energetic beings. It’s not something you can force on anybody. In fact, it is imperative that we honour and respect everybody’s highest vision, just where they are. Equally important to me is that we continue to hold  the door open. People will walk through when they are ready, or they won’t.


That being said, have a listen to Jill Bolte Taylor.