What’s Your Frequency?

A woman spinning in a colourful dress in front of a multi-coloured house referencing frequency and energyWhat’s your frequency, man? What does your presence say about you? Because, before you open your mouth, before people notice that super-cool outfit you’re wearing or what colour your skin is, or what an awesome head of hair you have… they feel you. That’s right. Have you ever seen heads turn when somebody entered a room? Ever heard them ask, “Who IS that?” What made them look? What caused heads to turn? Energy! Frequency, vibration, presence!

We all announce ourselves as we enter a room. Granted, sometimes our energy says “Don’t look at me. I am invisible.” (and there’s nothing wrong with that… there are times when that is just what we want.) But energy does not lie. Our thoughts, feelings and general attitude surround us, like a colourful cloak, emitting a frequency that attracts or repels others, depending on their frequency.

Frequency and Energy

Dogs shy away from a seemingly “very nice person”. They trust their frequency-meters. Some “healers” and “energy workers” have little or no impact on some clients. I call that a misfit of frequencies. And how do soulmates find one another? They hone in by frequency. Chance meetings, being in the right place at the right time (or vice versa), showing up in the same dress, “of all the places to run into an old friend!”. It’s not so mysterious, not really. Energy is that influential.

You can say you understand the workings of energy. You can present yourself as a great healer or orator or deep thinker. But it is your frequency that people embrace or dismiss. If heads turn when you enter a room, I’m willing to bet your presence is strong, built on consistent attention to the details of things that matter to you …  like being present!


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  1. So right and good to be conscious of. Thank you for sharing the wisdom.

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